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Succeed in Real Estate Without Cold Calling!

“Jump-start to Success with Phil Gerisilo!”

To learn more about how Phil achieved great success so quickly in Real Estate sales, join him personally at one of his North American seminars to jump-start your career!



2One – Explode the six myths of Real Estate sales and succeed using six new ideas!

3Two – Take advantage of a complete marketing system outlined in this exciting seminar!
4 Three – Learn a new approach to time management!

5Four – Use open houses as a launching pad!

6Five – Create a never-ending river of new clients without cold calling!

7Six – Build a bulletproof database of repeat and referral clients!

8 Seven – Build a strong support team that is committed to your success!

9 Eight – Learn how to only work with people you like!

0Nine – Make more money in less time and with a lot less stress.

11Ten – Create a real estate business that you can later sell or turn over to your children!


By attending this “packed to the gills seminar,” you will learn how to enjoy the real estate business by becoming a great listener while finding the real joy in serving others.

By attending this seminar, you will learn the specific skills and philosophy you
 need to succeed in Real Estate sales while maintaining a balanced, joyful life. 

From a dead start and with no formal training, Phil developed a simple approach to selling homes. His experience comes firsthand. This is truly a sales revolution for all Real Estate sales people.

Come join us and spend time with Phil personally!