“Quality service and valued relationships are all that count in the real estate business. Succeed in Real Estate Without Cold Calling gives you everything you need to know to develop these and other critical skills for achieving a successful real estate career.”

J. Lennox Scott

Chairman and CEO, John L. Scott Real Estate


Succeed in Real Estate Without Cold Calling is a common-sense, consumer-focused approach to selling residential Real Estate the right way! I wish I had read this book when I started. The book does a wonderful job of sharing information and giving agents the right mind-set about this important subject. Succeed in Real Estate Without Cold Calling's message should help eradicate past manipulative sales techniques that have caused so much harm for both agents and the public. The book's message will make a difference!”

-- Carla Cross, CRB, MA

National Realtor Educator of the Year

Author of Become Tomorrow's Mega-Agent Today

and Up and Running in 30 Days


Phil and Rob focus on service and integrity. There is a lack of integrity in training today. I always support those who understand the meaning of that concept. Excellent insights for agents who need to learn how to work smarter and enjoy the business. I like their approach—not a phony quick fix!”

Danielle Kennedy

Leading Real Estate Trainer & Author


“When I met Phil for the first time, I was on a motorcycle trip in Los Angeles with a large group on a benefit ride, the “Love Run”. We were there a week, riding up and down the coast, having a great time! A couple years had gone by since the trip when I crossed paths with Phil again. I had taken an interim job at the local Harley dealership, “Downtown Harley,” as I was in the automobile business—car sales—for about 10 years and desperately needed a change in my life.

And what a change it was …

Phil had asked me to consider real estate. He had also said he would bring a book that he had written in for me to read and said that if I was interested, he would help me. I had not considered this career, as I was leaning towards flight attendant in order to travel, until reading his book. “IT CHANGED MY LIFE!!!”

I've been an agent for over two years now—and a very successful one! I'm having the time of my life! This has opened up a whole new world for me. It has changed my life both financially and emotionally! I am forever indebted to Phil for this … He is my mentor, my role model, my lifeline! I cannot thank him enough for this opportunity. And, my daughters thank him! When I was a child my mother always said: Things happen for a reason; they don't just happen . I think about that often. There was a reason that Phil Gerisilo walked through those doors that very day at the Motorcycle Dealership … and handed me a manuscript of this book.”


-- Marlene Bjorstad

Realtor, Pageantry Realty


“Phil and Rob's book is a “must read” for all Real Estate agents, regardless of how long they've been in business. The timeless principles contained here have enabled me to successfully serve clients with joy and integrity. Thank you, Phil and Rob, for helping me launch my Real Estate career.”

John Messer

Top 5% agent, the 2nd year in the business


“I thought Phil Gerisilo's book was enjoyable to read and easy to follow because of the conversational format. I read this book while studying for my Real Estate exam. I appreciated having this information before I worked in an office where “experienced” agents might send me in the wrong direction. Succeed in Real Estate Without Cold Calling gave me the confidence to get started in the Real Estate business and know I could be successful right away!”

Dale Carlson

New Real Estate Agent


“I have been encouraged by reading your book. Putting our client's needs before our own is the right formula to grow a business that is both personally and financially rewarding. Thanks for the creative way you open the minds of both new and long-time agents to creatively challenge the real estate profession.”

-- Kent Barber

Real Estate Agent